The BEST time to get a massage is when you're feeling GREAT! Think, "preventative healthcare."
That being said, most clients will wait to come in for a massage until they feel like they are going to have a nervous breakdown from the stress at work or when they can hardly lift their arm. That is okay and understandable, but not ideal. Barring traumatic injuries (injuries that occur all of a sudden, like from a car accident or fall), most injuries are cumulative. Cumulative injuries are gradual, and are the result of small things in our daily lives that add up over time. They are usually the result of repetitive movements, poor posture, and/or faulty body mechanics. Every human being exhibits some degree of postural deviation which may or may not culminate in potentially chronic injury. The trick is to determine where your biomechanics are out of synch and start working to correct it! If you wait to experience the straw that breaks the camel's back, "I just bent down to pick up my pen and threw my back out... It's the darndest thing!..." your road to recovery will generally be significantly longer, more involved, more painful, and more expensive.
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