Think of your body as a giant and intricate filtering device. Everything we put into our bodies (voluntarily or involuntarily) goes through a series of processes in which the body tries to keep the good things (things it needs to thrive, grow & heal) and tries to get rid of the bad things. We are made mostly of water, and water serves a huge role in the whole filtering process as part of the storage, transport, and delivery system (within the body and out of it--think sweat, urine and feces). When you get a massage, blood and lymph circulation are both stimulated, and guess what blood and lymph also help do? You guessed it, filter and transport nutrients and waste. In addition, muscles can store memories, traumas, and toxins, any or all of which may be released during your massage. So, suddenly, you've got extra toxins floating around that your body is happily trying to remove, but it needs more water!!! Just imagine that each toxic chemical or memory requires a certain amount of water to make it all the way out of your body, clearly, if you've released more toxins than you usually do on an average day, you're going to need more water to get them all out. The side effect of not having enough water may include muscle aches, feeling queasy, sluggish, tired, generally upset, and/or re-storing those toxins (in the same place or somewhere else) thus nullifying the longer-term benefits of your massage!
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