The intake form includes information such as contact information, medical history and informed consent/release of liability. Contact information is important for follow-ups as well as for the therapist/business to inform you of special offers and maybe even to send you a gift card on your birthday! Of course, you always have the right to request that a therapist or business not contact you, but they will still need your contact information on file. Medical history is very important in massage therapy because of the direct affect it has on the soft tissues of the body and on body functions. Some medical conditions are contraindicated for massage, meaning that if you receive certain types of massage with certain medical conditions, you may be putting yourself in harm's way! Informed consent & release of liability basically is you signing your name saying that you are an adult, you have requested therapeutic massage treatment, you know what it entails, you know what it does not entail, you know that you and your therapist reserve the right to end the session at any time in case of inappropriate behavior, and that you are ultimately responsible for yourself in the universe.
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